Geant4 visualizations


I would like to know what the limitations are when visualizing the detector in Geant4.
In code, I’ve written a detector description. It generally work fine when I visualize certain components and I haven’t noticed any overlaps or other potential problems. Note, some components have a lot of boolean solids. Upon trying to visualize everything together, it takes forever to visualize it. Generally, I lose my patience or it crashed. Could you explain why this happens (technically).


Hi Johannes

I see you have understood that you can be specific - you can visualise specific subcomponents with the /vis/drawVolume command. You can be even more specific - have a look at “Debugging geometry with vis” in the Applications Developers Guide.

So…trying to visualise everything might overwhelm the vis system. This is particularly true of the Qt viewer. If you are talking about a large number of actual physical objects (touchables) maybe the time is being spent in constructing the scene tree. So if you have built with OpenGL and X11 (or even motif), maybe you can can /vis/open OGLSX or even OGLIX (or even OGLSXm).

Does this help?