General Reference Manual

Hey all!

I wanted to ask you if there are some reference webpages, where I can look up what each function exactly does. For example, I want to print out the position of a particle once it hits my sensitive detector, I found right expression on this website:, which is really helpful overall.

Here I found that I can use GetPosition(), however, I cannot find the explanation to it, because I am unsure about whether or not the position is relative to the world coordinate system or the particle generation point.

I have more questions like this, so I am looking for a website or similar, that explains more in detail what the function does, rather than an answer for this particular question.


Have you looked at the Application Developer’s Guide? This is the complete reference for writing your own applications with Geant4. If you need to know internal details of Geant4 (how processes work, for example), there is also the Toolkit Developer’s Guide. The many examples (basic, extended, and advanced) included in the Geant4 distribution also provide tested and working code which you may choose to adapt for your own purposes.