Get information from every event

I need to get statistic from many events, to calculate inacuraccy. I know how to get information from each step, but not from each event. I think i need to modify EventAction file, but i dont know how. Can you give me some advice or just point me to example from standart geant examples, where i can see how it works. In my work i need to get total energy deposited from each event. I thought i would get like thousand ROOT-files, but then i get an idea to retrive Total energy from event to hystogram, where each bin - energy by the whole event. I studied examples like B4a,B4b, where there is retrieving from each event, but that is not what i need.

Thank you for your response.

to analyze stuff after each event, you could populate the „endofevent“ action: Optional User Actions — Book For Application Developers 10.7 documentation

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Yeah, I know, but what commands i should use in “endofevent”? For example i need to write total energy deposition for each event to histogram wheree theree each bin is 1 event. Or just retrive energy deposition, its not important. For now i dont know what command i need to use to get information from event