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I’m trying to select Isotope Decays in my simulation.

As far as I’ve understood

G4String LimitingProcess = step -> GetPostStepPoint() -> GetProcessDefinedStep() -> GetProcessName();

gives me the process that limited the step, whereas

G4String CreatorProcess = step -> GetTrack() -> GetCreatorProcess() -> GetProcessName();

gives me which process created the track.

Looking at gamma particles whose creator process is a decay, I find that the LimitingProcess of the parent is a different one.

Is there a way to know which processes where applied without iterating on the secondaries and looking at their creator process?

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No, there’s no good way to identify all of the processes that were applied during or at the end of a step.

Hello, I have a question, my source geometry is a spiral structure, so I can’t simulate a drug filled source geometry by defining the gps as a cylinder and placing it in the source geometry as in the Brachytherapy example. at the same time I use parallel geometry to place this source geometry in the model created by the DICOM example. In my previous experiments, I used mass geometry to define the source geometry and successfully confine the gps to the source geometry with the macro /gps/pos/confine, but this method does not work in parallel geometry. Please tell me if I am doing something wrong or if G4 does not support this.
Thanks for your answer!

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