GetProcessSubType() lost in EM processes


To study the detector response, we used to select the photon conversion (to e+ e-) event using the following lines of codes,

for (G4Track* daughterTrack : *fpTrackingManager->GimmeSecondaries()) {
   if (daughterTrack->GetCreatorProcess()->GetProcessSubType() == fGammaConversion) {

However, starting with Geant4 v 10.5, this line of code is giving us fGammaGeneralProcess instead of fGammaConversion. It seems that there was a certain functionality we missed to include when the Geant4 was upgraded in our system. What would be the best way to remedy the situation and get the correct process type (aka fGammaConversion)? Thanks in advance.


It turned out we do not have this problem with FTFP_BERT, but only with our own physics list. Could it be we have a problem at the initialization stage of the physics list?

I tested with other physics list options. It turned out the ProcessSupType gets lost with Standard EM option1. Other StandardEM options give the correct ProcessSubType.

Physics List Option EM Physics ProcessSubType OK?
FTFP_BERT standard Yes
FTFP_BERT_EMV option 1 No
FTFP_BERT_EMX option 2 Yes
FTFP_BERT_EMY option 3 Yes
FTFP_BERT_EMZ option 4 Yes

I will report this problem as a bug.


you are right: general gamma process was enabled in 10.5 only in EVM electromagnetic physics configuration. There was a problem that it returned general process type instead of concrete process type. In 10.7p01 the problem is fixed.


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