Getting energy of primary photons by stacking action

Hello, I should get energy of primary photons.
I wrote a stackingaction starting from the stackingaction of Testem1, but I get empty histograms.

Notice that I also tried to delete the

if (parentID == 0 && particleName == "gamma") 
 	if (energy > 0)

but also deleting them I get empty histograms.

During the compiling I get this warning (traslation: no all control paths give back a value) (3.4 KB)
StackingAction.hh (2.4 KB)

On the compiler warning, look at the if/else block in ClassifyNewTrack - that member function must return a value. Does every branch of the if/else result in a return?

Hello @bmorgan
I tried to remove all the if else (see attachment)

but I get the same warning “no all control paths give back a value” and the same problem (empty histogram).

Then the problem isn’t the if/else, but something else in the stackingaction.

Do you have any idea? (3.4 KB)
StackingAction.hh (2.4 KB)


I just noticed that I’ve to call the stacking action in, then I added in actioninizialization:

#include "StackingAction.hh"

void B1ActionInitialization::Build() const
  SetUserAction(new B1PrimaryGeneratorAction);

  B1RunAction* runAction = new B1RunAction;
  B1EventAction* eventAction = new B1EventAction(runAction);
  SetUserAction(new B1SteppingAction(eventAction, fGetKinematicsFlag));
  SetUserAction(new StackingAction);

but now I still get the warning “no all control paths give back a value” and I also get the error

Let’s look at the code giving the warning first:

StackingAction::ClassifyNewTrack(const G4Track* track)
//This code looks for gammas emitted by nuclear decays
  //and counts how many primary particles are emitted in the decay

  G4int parentID = track->GetParentID();
  G4String particleName =  track->GetDefinition()->GetParticleName();
  G4String particleType = track->GetDefinition()->GetParticleType();
  G4int pdggamma;
  G4double energy;

  G4AnalysisManager* analysisManager = G4AnalysisManager::Instance();

 // if (parentID == 0 && particleName == "gamma")
        pdggamma = track->GetParticleDefinition()->GetPDGEncoding();
        energy = track->GetDynamicParticle()->GetKineticEnergy();
        analysisManager->FillNtupleDColumn(2,0, pdggamma);

        //if (energy > 0)
   // {
      analysisManager->FillNtupleDColumn(2,1, energy/keV);
       analysisManager->FillH1(1, energy/keV);
 // }

 // return fUrgent;

The function must return a G4ClassificationOfNewTrack value - where in the above implementation does this occur?

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Thank you, I solved!
They were return missing!

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