Graphics VRML2FILE

dear forum: I have been doing visualization remotely. I find this format the best way to do this. I found the meshlab viewer, which is much better than any recommended in the documentation. moreover, many of the links in the graphics documentation are to SLAC pages which no longer exist. Does not inspire confidence. the SetForceWireframe(true) attribute does not work in this wrl file format. Can someone please do some development on this graphics format?

Hi. Thankyou for your comments. I’m really pleased you are able to use VRML2FILE. And thanks for drawing our attention to meshlab - I tried it, it looks really nice.

I note your comments about outdated SLAC links.

You are right, SetForceWireframe is not respected by VRML2FILE. I am not an expert on VRML but is it even possible to specify how an object is drawn in VRML?

We support quite a number of graphics “drivers” and, as personnel come and go, some drivers are not maintained as well as we would like. Our resources are very much stretched. Are you yourself in a position to look into this and contribute to the development of the VRML-series drivers? Do feel free to checkout the Geant4 GitHub repository and issue pull requests. (I will just mention that another outstanding user request on VRML is to take advantage of its hierarchy options.)

Finally, a workaround for absence of SetForceWireframe could be to be more specific about the scene you wish to view. A scene may be built up by a succession of /vis/scene/add/volume commands - see Application Developers Guide, Visualization, Debugging geometry with vis - and in this way maybe you can add the volumes you want to see and avoid the ones that obscure the view.

Again, thanks for your contribution and let me encourage again to take part in our development program.


Re the “non-existing” links, we have trawled the documentation and believe our links are all valid. The current documentation should be OK. Please make sure you are accessing the latest version (for Geant4 10.6). If you are still finding pages that “no longer exist”, please let us have details.