Hadronic models in different materials(elements)

Hello GEANT4 users or developers,

I am currently working with new hadronic models only working for Hydrogen and Carbon atoms, which are the compositions of organic scintillators.
Let me say this model MyModel. MyModel is inherited by “G4HadronicInteraction” and has “IsApplicable” method to interact with only H and C atom. MyModel has been done.

However, I met the problem that full configuration includes not only H and C but also other elements, like O, Si, Al, etc.
What I want is implementing MyModel and other hadronic models in the same energy range so that hadrons can interact with organic scintillator and other materials or elements. But as far as I know, using two models in the same energy range is not available.
Is there any ways that I can do?

Best Regards,