Hello dear Geant4 users, i am trying to test run my geant4 10.07 but i am getting this error message "G4OpenGl.dll was not found"


Is the directory holding the installed G4OpenGL.dll library listed in the PATH environment variable in the session you are running from?

thank you for your reply sir, sorry i am just a biginner and i followed youtube video instructions to do the compilation and installation. i don`t know how to confirm if the directory is holding the installed G4OpenGL.dll library. i need more help thank you for your time.

The current canonical documentation on building, and installing and post-install configuration is in or Install Guide. In particular, for this issue, see the section on Installing on Windows (the .dlls will be be somewhere under the directory you used for the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX variable), and the Post Install Setup guide.

The Application Developer Guide should also provide some additional details on the example build/use process.

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