Hiding all geant4 output in terminal

Dear experts,

How can i prevent GEANT4 from writing warnings, exeptions and so on in terminal while in batch mode?

  1. It’s Geant4 (small “eant”).
  2. Re warnings, etc., in Unix you can redirect output:

./myapp >normal.output 2>error.output

and stuff will appear in the .output files.
If you put it in the “background” by adding an ‘&’:

./myapp >normal.output 2>error.output &

you may even inspect the .output files during the run with more or less. (You can bring it in and out of background with bg and fg, using jobs to see what’s going on. Look at man bash (bash is the interactive “shell” you are using to do things - I expect it’s the same for tcsh if that’s what you are using).