Histogram of event typoligies


I want to create a histogram that shows how often different event typoligies occur. So for instance:
collumn 0: e+ + e-
collumn 1: mu+ + mu-

Does anyone know how I can do that? Is there a command for it?
Thanks in advance.

You need write a SteppingAction, look at the interaction at the step, and collect the information into histograms, or N-tuples, or whatever you want.

Thanks for the reply.

Is there a way I can do this by typing commands into the graphical interface.

Have you read the section of the documentation on scoring? I’m not sure how complexly you can configure scorers via macro commands.

I have looked at it a litle bit. Alternativly I could look at the histogram of the different masses. The application I am working with already has a histogram for mass. But it is atomic mass, so I need to change GetAtomicMass( ) into a command which gives units of MeV/c^2. But I don’t know what to replace the command with.