How can i put this in the centre?

and the coordinates of sphere is unit=“mm” x="-1463.79" y="-2260.138" z="-1500.0
and coordinates of world is = aunit=“radian” lunit=“mm” name=“world” x=“8000” y=“8000” z=“8000”/>
and # Setting position
/gps/pos/centre -100. -100. -100. mm
/gps/pos/radius 3.0 m

so my question is how can i put this GPS in the centre of this sphere ?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Priyanshu,

if you modify the coordinates of /gps/pos/center do you notice that the location your primary particles originates from changes?

What is the white sphere you have shown in the image above? If you match the coordinates of your /gps/pos/center command with the location of the sphere then your source should be centered around the same location as the sphere.


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Yes, thank you for the help, i got this on center on changing the coordinates of /gps/pos/center according to my sphere ( my object) position.