How to add an impurity to a compound using Unit Cell?


I am trying to implement a crystalline compound with a percentage of impurity (1000 ppm) for a LiF(Mn) dosimeter. I was studying in detail the example for creating solid crystals that appears in Geant4, which is channeling.

My question is.

How to associate a percentage of impurity?
Is it necessary to make two unit cells?
Or just by creating the molecular composition Geant4 already places the impurity with its respective percentage in some unit cells?

Thank you

This is not possible. Geant4 treats all solids as uniform and isotropic. Channeling is not simulated.

Ummm ok, thank you very much

Channeling is simulated in Geant4! Consult $G4INSTALL/examples/exoticphysics/channeling