How to add DNA for GenericIon for region?


I’m trying to add GenericIon specifically to region by putting following code

  mod = new G4DNARuddIonisationExtendedModel();
  em_config->SetExtraEmModel("GenericIon", "GenericIon_G4DNAIonisation", mod, targetRegionName, 1 * keV, 100 * GeV);

as it’s done in microdosimetry example for other ion types, but it seems that this code doesn’t work, the verbose output of PhysicsList creating doesn’t see GenericIon_G4DNAIonisation.


in ConstructParticles is added.

Geant4 version 11.1.0, Windows 10, Visual Studio 2022


the fact is that ionisation in low energy Geant4-DNA models is available only for few heavy ion species.


Yes, I understand this, but the fact that’s there is no g4 example exists that instantiates G4DNARuddIonisationExtendedModel(), and I don’t want to have top-level DNA PhysicsList for the whole simulation, I just need it inside region.


in 11.1 this model is used inside all DNA physics constructors by default. Take, for example, G4EmDNAPhysics_option4. Currently the model has limitations, we are working to improve it.