How to calculate dose with parallel world(geometries)

hi, everyone
I recently want to calculate the dose use alternative geometries.(concentric spheres overlaped)
I get deposited energy with following code:

Edep = step->GetTotalEnergyDeposit();
G4String PhysicalVolumename = step->GetPreStepPoint()->GetPhysicalVolume()->GetName();
if (PhysicalVolumename == “wholePhantom”)
G4String MetarialName = step->GetPreStepPoint()->GetMaterial()->GetName();

	int MetarialID= splitnum(MetarialName);
	fEventAction->AddOrganDose(MetarialID, Edep*Weight);

but I compared the calculation results using the same geometries but not constructed with alternative geometries, I find these different with each other.

could you give me some advice?Thank you!