How to choose a suitable fission model in GEANT4?

I am doing simulation for fission induced by transfer reaction, example: 209Fr(d,p)209Fr*. The idea is to take one of the GEANT4 examples and edit them to have fission. But, in GEANT4 there are different fission models and codes, which I have no idea whether they are suitable for this case or not? Also, how to use them? Are they class generators or what?

Apologies, I am a new GEANT4 user.


inside Geant4 there are two type of models: data driven and theory driven. If you are using QGSP_BIC or FTFP_INCL++ (d + A) will be simulated using cascade (Binary and INCL++ correspondingly) with nuclear de-excitation module. All final allowed final states will be produced. Here it is difficult to make your intervention, you may only check if your reaction simulated with a good accuracy or not.

If you will use FTFP_BERT_AllHP you enable ParticleHP package. Accuracy of simulation will depend on accuracy of data. Potentially you may add your data.