How to convert STL file to GDML file through python?

Hello Experts,
can anyone please help me to convert STL file to GDML file through python ?
is there any package that i have to install to do so ?
it will be very helpful.
Thanks in advance!

I don’t know about python package, but I suppose you want to use CAD geometry in geant4? If so, there is a nice tool which called - CADMesh GitHub - christopherpoole/CADMesh: A CAD file interface for GEANT4. In there you could use your stl file to implement your geometry in g4.

Thank you @Aleksei for your help!
apart from this tool you shared i also came to know about this tool that is GitHub - tihonav/cad-to-geant4-converter: A light-weight tool for converting CAD drawings into the GDML format.
using this tool, i am also able to convert my stl files to gdml files, that’s okay for time being.
But i want to write my own code in i can change accordingly. but i don’t know the package (i came to know about pyg4ometry but this i am unable to install dut to some wheel error).
Can you please help me with this ?
Thanks in advance !