How to describe the abundance in Hadr03

Hello geant4 users, i`m using Hadr03 ion.mac to study the cross section for several radioisotopes but up to now i have a problem, how can i describe the abundance of the radioisotpe in detector construction? or is there any method to describe it in the input file?

_Geant4 Version:_10.2
_Operating System: virtual box machine
_CMake Version:_3.16.3

see Geant4 documentation: Material — Book For Application Developers 11.2 documentation
or example TestEm3:, around lines 123-135

please, notice that, by default, G4Element build isotopes with natural abundance

thank you maire, but i sitll hace a problem i tried what is in the ex TestEm3 the terminal show me some errors, i tried to put the abundance of 82Kr in the detector construction but it doesn’t change in the output file, it is still 100%

as you see in the figure i wrote 0.56 but in the output file it still 100

Internally, Geant4 system double check the ratio of each component.
You build your element with one isotope only —> 100 % !

In TestEm3, read again the definition of " enriched Uranium "