How to generate cascade of all emitted particles?

Hey All,

I am using Radioactive Decay Module. For any ion and event, I would like to list all emitted particles. My first thought was to do that in post-analysis where I search parentID=1 and stepID=1. In principle, this works, however I face difficulties for ions such as Co-60, whereby Ni-60’s 2505 keV state is populated, emitting 1173 keV gamma with parentID not equal to 1 (or equal to trackID of the Ni-60 ion).

I understand I can take care of this by implementing various logics and look for parentID which is equal to primary particle’s trackID. I wonder if there is a simplistic way to achieve this? Can something be exported from SteppingAction.CC for example which is more straightforward to just tell me these are all the particles that are eventually emitted from the decay of radionuclide?

Also, is the logic: production mechanism is RadioactiveDecayBase and stepID=1 sufficient?

See this:

Did you run example rdecay01 ?

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Thanks, I just looked into it. While that is a good resource, it provides summary at the end of all generated particles in that run. I am wondering if it is possible to export similar information but after every event is shot?

Any thoughts?