How to implement doping in a detector material?

As the question suggests, how can I add the cerium as a dopant in a CLYC detector?

If I simply add Cerium as a mixture with CLYC, will it work? Or are there other classes for the same?


Thanks in advance!

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Make the undoped CLYC material using the standard method for making a molecular material. Then make a new doped CLYC material by mixing the undoped CLYC and Ce in the correct fractional mass ratio. The addition of the Ce has little effect on energy deposited (since it is typically 0.1 to 0.5% or so by mass).

Although in real life the tiny amount of Ce has a huge impact on the scintillation photon yield, in the simulation it has no impact. Scintillation photon yield is determined by the parameters ELECTRONSCINTILLATIONYIELD, etc. which are entered as separate vectors using data from the literature and are independent of the molecular composition of the scintillator as described in the first paragraph.

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Thank you, this is really helpful!

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