How to insert an solid in a DICOM instance

Hi geant4ers:
Hello experts, I have recently been using the DICOM example to study the radiotherapy process. I want to insert the radioactive seeds that I set up into the module created by the DICOM example, but since the module is placed using G4PVParameterised, I get an error when I put the radioactive seeds directly into the module.
So I’m looking for a little help here on how I can insert a radioactive seed into a DICOM-built die, and in which file I need to make the change.
I know my question is stupid, but please forgive me, as a newcomer I really need the help of you experts. I truly appreciate your help.

Hi, the question is not stupid at all! let me add that there are no stupid questions (eventually just silly answers :slight_smile: ). I suggest to use a “parallel” geometry to define the radioactive seeds. This is the solution we adopted in a study of ours. Another solution is to model a radioactive source in vacuum and record the phase space file of the radiation coming out from it. Then you will use that to generate your radiation field (source by source) in the DICOM geometry.

I hope this helps you,

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hi dear guatelli
I didn’t expect to receive your answer so soon, thank you for your encouragement and advice, I will try to follow your method, I really appreciate it, you will never know how important your answer is to me. Love you.

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