How to install a patch?

Hello, I’ve installed Geant4.10.07.p02, but recently I find a new release, patch-03 for this version. Although I successfully downloaded the patch, I have no idea how to install it. The system I’m using is Ubuntu Linux. I will appreciate it if someone can help me.

I downloaded the patch here:

The file you show in the screen shot is designed to be unpacked inside a copy of the initial 10.7.0 release. These are a somewhat historical artifact and will be removed in the upcoming release. The links at the top of the Source Download Page always download the latest public release, so at the time of writing will download the full source package for 10.7.3. That can be compiled/installed as usual following the instructions in the Install Guide.

Tarballs for every release are also available from the public release repository on GitLab

Thank you very much, I think I should reinstall Geant4 with the new release.

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