How to obtain spectrum of energy deposition on a scoring volume

I have modified the B1 example. I have changed the official physics list to FTFP_BERT and the geometry of an HPGe detector. Can this physics list show me the proper energy deposition inside the High Purity Germanium(HPGe) crystal or is there a better recommendation of any other physics list?

Here I set my Germanium crystal as the scoring volume. Now I want to extract energy versus counts plot only for the energy deposition inside the scoring volume to have an idea about the energy spectrum.
I am a newbie. Please suggest me the easier way to do it.

Did you find the answer ?

Hi SubhroD,
You can add the energy deposited in your scoring volume step by step in SteppingAction and extract it in EndOfEventAction. Usually you can write a method to accumulate the energy deposition in EventAction and call it in SteppingAction whenever you need to accumulate the energy deposition.
Hope this will help you.