How to score dose - FLUKA comparison

Dear users,

I am currently trying to score dose in a region. I have seen the examples B1 and also the extended RE03, but I guess that maybe I am trying to do something in between them. I am used to use FLUKA for dose detection for shielding calculations in synchrotron accelerators. My intention now is to reproduce some situations with GEANT4 to make comparisons with those codes. My intention is to score dose similarly to B1 but record that information somewhere for further analysis or even see in a color map with dose distribution along the geometry as done with scoring mesh in RE03 but with known dose units.

Could anyone give me some help? I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance!

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I am no expert in any way, but what you could try do is to change the scoring quantity to a Dose deposit scorer. So in your case, in the one of the run.mac files (RE03),
change the /score/quantity/something to /score/qauntity/doseDeposit and test from there.

The results of the scoring mesh can also be recorded in files.