How to set up the Current intensity of emitted particles

My teacher let me simulate the experiments.

In our experiments, the beam is 10 pA, and the beam lasted for 2 minutes. I want to get the gamma when the beam stopped after 3 minutes. How can I do this?


I find the stepping has GlobalTime and LocalTime, But I don’t know how to use it ,and how to simulate the 10pA in my particle guns

Current i=10pA,
q = i*t
i and t you have,
calculate q. charge collection depends on the number of particles collection in the faraday cup, therefore, this will be your fluence. Consider it as #particles.
Use particleGun or GPS and run your simulation.


You can also follow an example radioactivedecay/activation.
Please look, PrimaryGeneratorAction.CC under generate primaries.


Thanks a lot, I know how to do it

OK, I would like to read this examples.

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