How to use /gps commands?

I know this is probably a dumb question, but i am having problem because when i run any example in geant, the option /gps does not appear in the interactive mode. I suspect that i should include it somewhere, but i am not sure what should i do.

In another words, how do i “include” the option /gps in geant4? is there a tutorial showing how to integrate it in any program?

The “/gps” commands are defined by the G4GeneralParticleSource. If your primary generator action is using G4ParticleGun, then you’ll get the much more limited “/gun” commands.

Several of the extended and advanced examples use GPS as their source. You may want to use the commands

cd <geant4-directory>/examples
find . -name '*.cc' | xargs grep -l G4GeneralParticleSource

to get a list of files you can review to see how to use GPS.

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