I could not understand this

Hi community. I got the error that I dont understand what it suggests.

Please read the Geant4 Installation Guide. You must set the environment variables for the Geant4 datasets, and of course have them downloaded and installed on your system. You must source the setup script to set the environment variables every time you start a new terminal session.

Hi Mkelsey, thanks for advice. But I could find the environment variables name G4LevelRaeder.

I think that the environment variables are set correctly, but that the data files themselves are not installed. That can be checked by doing, after the environment variables are set:


This should run o.k. and list all the zZ.aA data files. If it fails, or doesn’t list the files, then the data isn’t installed. As there is already an install of Geant4 available, then assuming the geant4.sh script has been sourced as shown in the Installation Guide, the following command can be run to install the data:

$ geant4-config --install-datasets

This should download and install each dataset in the location expected. Running your application should then succeed.

Hi Morgan. Thanks for replying to me. I finally got a solution!! The way that you suggested let me solve it. Appreciated!!

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