I don't observe Transition Radiation

Hi everyone. I have a question and I hope you can help me. My question is because I have not been able to observe transition radiation in my simulation.

I understand that if I want to observe a physical process in my simulation, first of all, I need to add my libraries (such as electromagnetic library, optical library, etc) in my “physics” class, second of all, I need to assign properties to the materials, e.g., I observed that if I add a refractive index as a function of energy to my detection material (suppose water and for some energies, the condition of Cherenkov radiation is satisfied) then I can obtain optical photons produced by Cherenkov radiation. The simulation is more sophisticated if I add more properties to the material. In the case of scintillation, the process is similar, because I need to add just parameters such as “FASTCOMPONENT”, “SCINTILLATIONYIELD”, etc, and then, in my simulation I can detect optical photons produced by scintillation.

In the case of transition radiation, I understand that what you need are a detection material (suppose Aluminium) with a refractive index defined and another material, I suppose it can be the “world” material with a refractive index different of the first one, and because the both refractive index are different, you can observe optical photons in the simulation produced by transition radiation, but this is not the case, I’ve not observed this kind of optical photons. My next try was to define a surface with properties such as “RINDEX”, “REFLECTIVITY”, “EFFICIENCY”, etc, ad I set “type”, “model” and “finish” of this surface that covers the Aluminium (the refractive index of the surface is the same that the Aluminium and also different from the “world” material) and I can not get optical photons produced by transition radiation either.

Am I right in thinking this way? That is, is it just necessary to add properties to the materials to observe different kinds of radiation? If you can help me with this question, I will be hugely grateful, this can be really helpful to my simulation.


Transition radiation is handled differently than Cerenkov and scintillation. The example extended/electromagnetic/TestEm10 shows how to generate it. I don’t know much more.

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Thank you so much for your answer. I’m going to take extended/electromagnetic/TestEm10 as an example or a guide, hopefully I can add transition radiation to my exercise.