ICRP145_Human Phantoms example following the instructions error response

When I run this application by following the instructions, I receive an error message and what steps should I take to solve this problem?I want to calculate the internal dose with this sample file, but I cannot reach any results when I follow the instructions.I think there is a mistake in the instructions for using this sample.ICRP145_Human Phantoms example

What error messages are you seeing, and what exact commands did you run?

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Dear Expert ,In this example, I want to calculate the internal dose in the organ specified by ID.

VirtualBox:~/Geant4/share/Geant4/examples/advanced/ICRP145_HumanPhantoms/build$./ICRP145phantoms ./Internal -i 9500 -m example.in -o example.out

Usage: ./External -m [MACRO] -o [OUTPUT] -f (option for MRCP-AF phantom)

Example: ./External -m run.mac -o run.out (-f)