Incorrect dose scoring in modified B1 example

Dear expert,

I modified the B1 example by changing geometry and particle gun for 15*15 cm2 gamma from a distance of 10 cm. Dose scored in the scoring volume is around 4E-16 Gy/pr while for same geometry, cutoff(i.e. around 1keV) in FLUKA value is 12E-16 Gy/pr.

Also used /run/setCut 0.2 um in .mac file and G4Modularphysics QBBC is used.
I tried other physics lists like G4Emstandard_option4 etc. but no much difference is observed.
I have attached modified files, please suggest the reasons of this discrepancy. (3.0 KB) (2.5 KB) (5.7 KB) (3.3 KB) (15.2 KB)

Can you please show the dose profile in the phantom? did you use the same voxel grid between Geant4 and FLUKA?

The edep is by default in MeV. Did you take care of it? I would make sure that the conversion of units is correct. Double check that please

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Thanks for your response.
Actually I made a mistake while defining geometry. Now I got the same values in both the codes.