Inelastic (anti-)deuteron -- nucleus cross-sections

Dear Geant4 experts,

I have a question regarding the calculation of total inelastic cross-sections of (anti-)deuterons on nuclei. In principle, inelastic cross-section for (anti-)deuterons should be a sum of several processes such as annihilation, break-up or inelastic nuclear scattering etc. By looking at Geant4 code/documentation, i see that only total inelastic cross-section is computed for (anti-)deuterons using Glauber-Gribov calculations as implemented in:


Is it possible to get the cross-sections mentioned above in Geant4 separately? Are there any models on the market which can describe these processes separately at kinetic energies of (anti-)deuteron of 100 - 5000 MeV? Thanks a lot in advance.

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for today inside Geant4 we have Elastic and Inelastic cross sections available from classes you mention. The inelastic cross section include all possible interactions. You need to apply a filter for secondary particles in order to extract a probability of reaction channel and to compute partial cross section.