Information on examples

Hi, my question is fairly basic. Can you please point me towards a simple example to attain following:

  1. Cell flux vs energy plot for both primary and secondary particles.
  2. Reaction Rate
  3. How to get the relative errors (sigma/mean) for each bins for the results attained.

For flux spectrum I use scoring manager and use kinetic energy filter along with particle filter through a macro and generate/dump various csv files for each bins and then run a Matlab script to combine them all to get a spectrum. This is inefficient and am looking for an easier example as I do not know much C++.

For reaction rate I just calculate the number of secondaries being created. I was wondering if there is a more concrete way of doing it.

I do not know about getting relative error values, similar to that of mcnp.

I appreciate any input in this regard.



To calculate errors I usually run multiple repeats using different random seeds and use a python script to calculate the average, a standard deviation and then use some further stats to get an measure of the error on the mean, such as the student’s t-test.

For a flux spectrum I currently use the same method you are. I ouput all the different scorers into one file (to prevent the generation of too many files) using
Just in case you are currently using a kinetic energy filter and particle filter spearately there is
which can do both particle and energy in one line.
Unforntunately I don’t know of any other method to get a spectrum.

Hope some of this can be of help.