Inquiry Regarding Quantum Simulation Capabilities in Geant4

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My objective is to investigate whether Geant4 has the ability to simulate quantum phenomena, specifically focusing on aspects like quantum entanglement and related quantum effects.

Could you please provide me information regarding Geant4’s potential to simulate quantum phenomena, particularly quantum entanglement? Have there been any recent developments, extensions, or community contributions that enable the integration of quantum simulation frameworks like Qiskit with Geant4 for this purpose?


quantum entanglement has been introduced in positron annihilation in Geant4 11.0.
You can activate it via either:
• G4EmParameters:: SetQuantumEntanglement(G4bool v)
• UI command: “/process/ em /QuantumEntanglement true”
This is for interest in PET. Now.

Sorry, I am not familiar with Qiskit.


Hi Susanna,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I appreciate your information and assistance.

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