Installing old Geant4 versions that does not use CMake


I am trying to install Geant4 8.1 as I want to use PLANETOCOSMICS, which it seems to be only working with this version. I have found the Geant4 8.1 in GitHub, but I am having some problems to install it, since it does not use CMake. I am using Windows10. Does anyone know how to install this kind of packages which require old versions of Geant in newer versions? Do you know if there is a guide or could give some help on how to install Geant4 8.1?

Thank you.

I’m sorry but we can’t provide support for a version of the toolkit that’s nearly a decade and a half old and two major versions behind the current release. You should contact the authors of the PlanetoCosmics application and ask for the version support to be updated.

Thank you anyway. I am afraid PLANETOCOSMICS has no support either. Have also tried to use Spenvis to get the macro files we need, but it would require a newer version, PLANETOCOSMICS-J, which works with Geant4 9.3 but sources are not available -don’t actually know if it is supossed to either- at ESA Space environment specifications webpage.

Thank you again for your prompt response.

I modified planetocosmic to build with geant4.10.2 and cmake.
It was a bit unstable and some macros would not run to completion.
The tarball is about 24 meg so I am not sure how to send it to you.

Thank you very much. I think it could be very helpful and would be grateful if you could send the modified version. Maybe I might send you a link to a drive folder or something by a private message?

Here is a link to the file on a google drive:

I really appreciate it. It will be a huge help for me. Thank you again.