Ion beam G4DPMJET2

Since I was looking to build an ion beam, I had a look at one of the examples, thehadronic/Hadr2 at

Looking at that code it should be correct setting only:

/gun/ion 26 56
/gun/energy 35 GeV

is it correct?

Hence, I would like to verify the obtained results with the DPMJET2 but I do not see how to conf: G4DPMJET2_5DATA
Moreover, how to setup the G4_DPMJET flag? Like “export G4_DPMJET=1” ???

I am employing the 10.06.sp1 version.

Thanks for the help


G4_DPMJET2.5 is not supported since several years. Alternatively we have FTFP string model and the Binary or INCLXX cascades, which have reasonable accuracy.