Is anyone able to run this simulation?

Hello, my supervisor said me to help his collegue to make simulations using this app made by my supervisor’s collegue. Unfortunately I’m trying to run since two weeks, but I get errors both using my computer and Geant on cvmf . My supervisor’s collegue said me that he would help me to run the simulation,…but he still didn’t it.

On my computer

a. I try to build, but CMAKE can’t find HepMC

b. I try to set manually the path and the library of HepMC by cmake-gui .

c. I try to compile but it can’t find HepMC/GenEvent.hh
log.txt (11.0 KB)
d. I write the full path of GenEvent.hh in setup\include\HepMCG4Interface.hh so that, now my setup\include\HepMCG4Interface.hh is this one
HepMCG4Interface.hh (3.5 KB)
e. I try to build and compile again, but I get so many errors
log.txt (38.7 KB)

bur my supervisor’s collegue said that the simulation works fine…

On cvmf

a. I try to build and compile but it says do not find “G4cache.hh”…very strange being a header file of Geant 4…

LOG.txt (10.1 KB)

Can anyone try to compile the application please?
Thank you