Is muon trident production included?

I was wondering if trident production by muon, i.e. the pair production of two muons by an incident muon in the field of a nucleus, is included in physics processes. I don’t see it in EM sub-packages and processes | but perhaps it is inside some package? Thanks.

Hello Charles,

this process is not implemented yet. What energies of projectile are of your interest?


Thanks Vladimir! It would be great to cover “all energies” of projectile muon, meaning all energies where this process is kinematically allowed.
The papers on tridents (that I know about) are old and many if not all predate the discovery of the Z boson.We may need to impose a cutoff on q-square values unless there are newer cross section formulas.

Can you, please, show the link to the paper?


Tannenbaum’s paper is at Phys. Rev. 167, 1308 (1968) - Muon Tridents. He mentioned using a computer code by Stan Brodsky.

ALEPH observed such events. Phys. Rev. Lett. 96, 021801 (2006) - Muon-Pair Production by Atmospheric Muons in CosmoALEPH has a number of references 11 through 14 for the formulation. FWIW, it said that Geant3 has this process included.