Local axis system visualisation for a single physical volume?


This is a shot in the dark but here it is…
I was wondering if it is possible to assign a “mini” local 3-axes system on a physical volume so that when we visualise our geometry the viewer will be able to see both the Global axes - via /vis/scene/add/axes - and the “local” axes of that volume.
A plausible scenario of this would be the coordinate frame of a crystal lattice which can be chosen to be different from the the Global axis system.
Does that make sense?

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You can see axes in a single volume with
/vis/drawLogicalVolume <log-vol-name>
but no automatic way of drawing local axes in the global view - but it’s an interesting use case.

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It would be nice to be able to draw the local coordinate system for a selected PV (not LV) as part of a broader visualization.

The commands

/vis/scene/add/localAxes <phys-vol-name> [copy-no>]


/vis/set/touchable …

have been merged into the development version and will be available in the next release.