Missing Analysis Messenger options


I have an issue where some of the analysis messenger options are not available.
This is best seen with the examples. Below is example AnaEx01 and B5. B5 has loads of options from the analysis messenger. Whereas AnaEx01 does not and is lacking options such as the ability to change the filename.


I am using Geant4 10.03.p03 due to validation reasons, therefore, cannot migrate to another version. This issue can be seen from the above examples using this version.

My code is, unfortunately, suffering the same issue as seen above where I do not have all the options. I have copied over segments and changed the order of the HistoManager to match that of B5 in comparison to AnEx01 and have had no luck in gaining these options. I am currently stuck as to where the issue has crept into my code has anyone had similar experiences with missing messenger options?

Many thanks

Solved it.
For anyone else that encounters this issue in future. You need to start an analysisManager instance in a constructor.

auto analysisManager = G4AnalysisManager::Instance();

The AnaEx01 calls this during the BeginOfRunAction therefore the analysis messenger commands are not accessible until this method is called whereas B5 called this during the constructor.