Multi-Union Structures

When I united many entities (tens of thousands) using the method of constructing multi-Union Structures, I found that I could not visualize them. Is it because I’m merging too many entities and it’s buggy, or is it just because my PC isn’t powerful enough?

What is the error message you are getting ?

There is no error message, it works fine, but the visual interface never loads, as shown in the following black screen:

I see. Maybe try making union of only a few solids (say few tens) at a time and visualise. This way you can check if it is a problem of the interface or if your system is not capable of handling the visualisation.

With that many entities, you must be creating them and placing them in the MultiUnion with code and calculations (not by hand). Are all of the entities made from the same solid, just with different positions or orientations? If so, you might consider using a parameterized placement instead.

Thank you for your answer. The point is that I need to unite a lot of solid volumes so that there is no boundary between them. If I use a parameterized Placement, can I still unite them?