Multiple local Electric Field

Hello geant4 users,
I am looking to create a multi wire drift chamber. I have already placed the anodes and cathodes (G4Tubs) in a G4Box.
I looked at the examples field02 and field05.
Using these examples I was able to create a global electric field, unfortunately, even using the SetFieldManager to send to my Anode_log, I can’t set an electric field of 0 inside the box and create the electric fields between my anodes and cathodes.

I have tried to send the X,Y,Z positions of my anodes on my but the positions are made step by step with a too important difference.

This leads me to some questions:

  • Is there an easy way to do this? Looking at it, it would be enough to SetFieldManager(Radial Electric Field, true) at the anode_log and SetFieldManager(Ground, true) at the cathode (with of course all that follows, but that seems to work for now). But it doesn’t work in my case… Is it just me or is it not that simple?
  • In case not, above, is it possible to modify the step of calculation of the electric field to try to apply it locally to the positions of my anodes failing to pass by the G4LogicalVolume. (cheat)
    -Is it possible?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read me!