Multiple Scoring Mesh Using Score Create RealWorldLogVol (UI Command)

Hi, I’m currently trying to simulate for a radiotherapy from Linac using GDML parser, Here’s my thorax phantom I used, Inside there are several organs, such as lungs, heart, spinal cord etc,

I already declared each of them as unique logical volume (logicHeart, logicLungRT, etc) with respect to logicWorld as their parent’s volume, and successfully load the GDML to geant4, but when I try to run and store the dose deposit using the mesh scorer in UI command, using these

/score/create/realWorldLogVol logicBody
/score/quantity/doseDeposit doseDep
/score/dumpQuantityToFile logicBody doseDeposit
/score/create/realWorldLogVol logicBody
/score/quantity/doseDeposit doseDep
/score/dumpQuantityToFile logicBody doseDeposit
and so on for all logical volumes there

the result in “doseDeposit” file will be only for 1 mesh, and its shows zero (which not supposed to happen), I tried remove the close for each logical volume but it showed error, said that I need to close the mesh before creating a new one (that’s why I put close in each of them).

I also think about creating a box mesh with some given volume for each box, covering all the phantom, and by doing this I only need to repeat my process here, but the think is I don’t know which box for which organ.

Any advice, or maybe some ideas would be appreciated. thanks!

this command needs to be run after /run/BeamOn, otherwise it will be zero.
you could also specify a unique filename for each quantity/logVol you want to dump

Thank you, I did as you suggested, but still I got 0 for all mesh I created (with 10^8 events).
Here’s my macro file,
scoring2.txt (1.0 KB)
Is it possible the overlapping in my geometry caused this? Because some of my volumes are indeed overlapped

definitely. did you also specify the internal volumes to be daughter volumes, i.e, is the thorax the mother for the others?

Sorry for the late reply, the thing with changing mother volume for the organs worked, and some values actually came up in the recording data, but during the run I got some few error messages, something like this,

does it matter? or maybe it’s just something that can be ignored?

if possible, I would process the volumes for the organs such that there is no overlap. the simulation will yield unexpected results (depending on the probability of a particle passing the overlap region).
you can check your success with the command /geometry/test/run

allright, thankyou weller, I’ll try as you suggested.

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