Multiple sources with different half lifes

Dear all,

I am simulating a PET scanner. Inside the scanner I am simulating a brain containing two different tracers (F-18, Scandium-44). I have one .mac file, where the same intensity is assigned to both tracers.
However, both tracer have different half-lifes (F-18 approx. 2 hours and Sc-44 approx. 4 hours). I was wondering if the half life has an impact on how many events are created per tracer. In my analysis it seems so, but I am not sure whether this is true or if I have a mistake in my analysis.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Only the intensities in the mac-file influence the number of events per tracer not the half life. If you want to double check whether you provided the correct intensities you can consider using a counter in your stepping action?