Muon spallation products physics list

Dear all,

I am looking for the right physics list to develope a simulation of muon spallation products in water. As the simulation has a very large energy range for the muon ( 200 MeV to 10 TeV with a max. at 100 GeV) and secondaries that are expect to have more than 6 GeV and less than 20 GeV with a max. at 8 GeV, I think it might be necessary to have different models applied in this list, some for high energy that can be less precise and others for low energy with high precision, because I am interested in the final products in water.

Does someone have some physics list to suggest? Or a few suggestions about approches to build my phisics list for this purpose?

Many thanks!

I’ve found some ready-made physics list that mix many of the models that I want. I would recommend try these four lists and make you own comparisons :



Currently in Geant4 we have only one variant of muon physics. In all reference Physics Lists muons are simulated in the same way. You may even use FTFP_BERT and will get similar results. The difference will be in tracking of low-energy secondary neutrons.


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