neutronInelastic process finishing primary neutron track

I’m studying the neutron lifetime in Liquid Argon, for this purpose I’m searching neutrons captured in LAr (nCapture process). However, it seems the neutronInelastic process is finishing a neutron and creating a new one in the exact same location but with different Parent ID number. Can I assume this new neutron is the initial neutron with different Parent ID?. If this is the case, does this behavior depends on the physics list being used ?. Currently I’m using the physics list FTFP_BERT_HP and I will also extract results with the High-precision neutron interactions (NeutronHP) physics list to check the effect in my results. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

I think the difference is that nCapture is not supposed to produce baryonic secondaries, it takes (A,Z) n → (A+1,Z)*, and then de-excites the new nucleus via gamma emission or other “nuclear level” processes.

Hadron inelastic in general always eats the projectile track, and can produce one or more daughters as a result, through spallation, evaporation, etc., or even meson production at high enough energies.

In your simulation, what are the neutron energies of interest?

Yes, and the gamma emission from de-excitation in nCapture is what I’m interested in. For this purpose, I’m also tracking the neutrons produced via neutronInelastic process at the end of a primary neutron track to retrieve the time and position where they are finally captured via the nCapture process. My hypothesis is that these new neutrons are the same initial neutrons but with different Parent ID. I’m interested in neutrons with energies up to 2 MeV.