New problem linking app via Makefile on MacOSX (10.13.6)

I have several long-standing G4 installations on my MacBook, including 10.03.p03, 10.04.p03, and 10.05.p01. Most of my application areas are also fairly old, and I build them using direct gmake, rather than CMake. (G4 itself, of course, is built using CMake.)

This has always worked consistently, but in the past few weeks (probably since one of the recent security updates), I’ve been getting a new error message from the Geant4 side:

Using granular libraries ...
ERROR: No liblist program or library map file.
       These are needed for building with granular
         cd $G4INSTALL/source
       or if you are sure you have already made all the
       granular libraries:
         gmake libmap
make[2]: *** [/Users/kelsey/geant4_workdir/bin/Darwin-clang/electron_Epv] Error 1
make[1]: *** [electron_Epv] Error 2

I haven’t changed or rebuilt my G4. Has anyone else seen this error appear on their MacOS platform?

Same problem with you. But I can use Geant4 correctly, only when I try to make CRY examples, this problem appeared. Anyone has the solution?