No results with Cf-252 GPS source

I am a novice in Geant4. I was trying to construct a Cf-252 circular source with GPS and score energy deposition and cell flux at a particular distance. But my simulations are yielding all results as zero irrespective of particle history. I am not able to understand the mistake I am making in the macro file.
Can anybody please help?Cf252.txt (3.1 KB)

It may be because you are defining your mesh after you have called /run/beamOn

Try defining the scoring mesh before defining and running the source, then output the scoring file.

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you may study $G4INSTALL/examples/extended/radioactive_decay/rdecay01 example - it may help understanding what you need for your application.


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Thanks for the kind reply. Putting /run/beamOn at the end worked perfectly.

How to construct same for Am-Be neutron source? [Energy and Relative Yield]. I want to know if any platform is available where I can find Relative Yield of Am-Be neutron energy spectrum?