Obtaining Data from Graphs

Hello everyone,
I would like to know if it’s possible to obtain numerical values of my histograms (I’m using a modification of ex Hadr06), in order to put them in other graphs with matlab. Thank you so much in advance !

/analysis/h1/setAscii ID
where ID is the histogram you wish to print.

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Sorry maire, I badly explained myself, I would like to know the numerical values (like for example, put in vectors) of the graphs I obtained . But thank you so much for your response .

It is exactly what this command does.
Via the command /analysis/h1/set , you have selected one or several histograms.
If you add /analysis/h1/setAScii ID you will get in addition an ascii file : blabla.ascii of the histogram ID

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Ok sorry, thank you so much maire !!