Paraffin with ParticleHPThermalScattering

I am trying to simulate the very low-energy neutron moderation process with moderator “paraffin”. The incoming neutrons have energy =1~5 MeV. And the main interest is to estimate how many outcoming epithermal neutron (E=0.1~0.2) with varies moderator thickness.

  I found that the process is given by: /example/extended/hadronic/Hadr06/ . 

It seems for such low E, one needs to include “G4ParticleHPThermalScattering” model to be accurate. The Readme file states:
" To be identified by the ThermalScattering module, the elements composing a
material must have a specific name (see
Examples of such materials are build in DetectorConstruction."

The problem is that “paraffin” is not included in the “ThermalScattering” module. I could use the regular “Paraffin” as the materials and set /testhadr/phys//thermalScattering false. But I worried that the results won’t be that accurate.

Can I construct “paraffin” (since it just consists of C and H with certain percentage), in a way similar to using TS_H_of_Water and TS_C_of_Graphite, as given in the “/extended/hadronic/Hadr06/src/” ?

Thank you in advance.

_Geant4 Version:_geant4-11.1.0
_Operating System:_linux ubuntu
_Compiler/Version:_g++ (Ubuntu 9.4.0-1ubuntu1~20.04.2) 9.4.0
_CMake Version:_cmake version 3.16.3

In Hadr06, “Water_ts”, “HeavyWater”, “graphite” are not G4ThermalScatteringNames …
You can use “paraffin”.

as I know, there are no evaluated TSL data for H and C in paraffin and because these data depends heavily on the molecular structure, I think that your best guess is to go with just the regular paraffin made of regular H and C without TSL.