Phon, comp, conv replaced by GammaGeneralProc


I am using 10.6.1. When I use /tracking/verbose 2 to enable output of ProcName for each step, I can only see GammaGeneralProc when I use QGSP_BERT_EMV. Previously, I could see phon, comp, and conv instead, which give more information than “general process”. I tried other EM options, it looks that only EMV has this behavior. Is this a designed behavior? If yes, why?

Thanks, Jing

EMV is the only EM constructor that has general process active by default. You can turn it off with the macro command:

/process/em/UseGeneralProcess false

Still, I’m not sure why the process names aren’t displaying. Vladimir may comment.

Hi, Daren, thanks for the quick reply and the tip about the macro command, which is useful. As for the process name, I also checked the process type numbers saved in my output file. They are all consistent with the general process type number defined in G4EmProcessSubType.hh. Hope this would help you or Vladimir to check further. Thanks, Jing